Luis Zimmermann is a 24-year-old artist from Aachen. He is in his 6th semester studying free art at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, in the class of Thomas Grünfeld.

After working with screen printing and painting, he has been working for several years with old advertising posters, some of which are original, some combined with his own photographic work.

In addition to various solo exhibitions in Aachen, he participated in several group exhibitions. Most recently at the exhibition "Genius Loci" at the Setareh Gallery in Düsseldorf.


Fascinated  for a long time by huge advertisement posters, Luis Lorenz Zimmermann wants to make the complexity of overload visible. Especially the overload of older advertisements with new layers reminds him of an overload of memories with new impressions.

Old impressions are forgotten, so he brings memories back and makes them partly visible again. Setting out different motifs from different layer depths orprinting of colored layers is a part of Zimmermann ́s experimental dealing with old and new materials.

Forgotten topics are made visible and set into new contexts by a kind of shift change. The leftover fragments of the original advertisements are peeled off and turned into something new. The motifs are supposed to contrast the common smooth commercial pictures.